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Africa Fashion Collective - is  a  unique  business networking and fashion  event  that brings professional individual’s of African and Caribbean heritage from various industries and different stages in their careers together to celebrate, be inspired by and support talented up and coming African designers. 



Isis Models and WariLACE have combined their knowledge of wealth to which has lead them into organising this event with magnitudes beauty of black models and spectacular designers. 




Joan Okorodudu 


CEO and Founder of ISIS Models and Africa's Next Super Model 


Award-winning Joan Okorodudu – founder of ISIS Models London, South Africa, and Nigeria is one woman who through her passion has helped put African Fashion and Modeling Industry on the world map. 


She remains of the few icons who are still playing active roles in the industry despite the COVID pandemic since launch. She was among the few Nigerian women that were nominated at the 2017 New African Women award, and she has won several awards in the fashion and modeling industry. 


Wari Granville 


CEO of WariLACE and London Africa Cultural Event (LACE) 


Wari Granville’s career in fashion began in the hairdressing industry, where she had the opportunity to work with Caucasian and African/Caribbean hair types. Wari soon modelled and began participating in photo shoots for hair magazines and modelling at major trade and public shows.


She has since set up WariLACE, a Management and development of natural hair african inspired fashion model, scout mother agency. With these knowledge Wari launched London Africa Cultural Event (LACE), an event originally to celebrate Black History Month and raise funds for charity. The aim of LACE is not just to organize a fashion show but provide promotional opportunities for emerging designers and artists inspired by Africa to showcase their work to a global audience and with this knowledge that is why she has partnered with IsismodelAfrica to launch Africa Fashion Collective London in 2022.



THE AFRICA FASHION COLLECTIVE was conceptualized to bring together Designers and other stakeholders in the fashion industry in Africa and in diaspora under one umbrella; identify each designer’s potentials and synergizing all together, thereby bringing out the diversifying values of our collective fashion industry. 


During this event, designers of all sorts of fashion apparels and accessories will have the opportunity to participate in the runway shows. Top designers will have the opportunity to showcase their clothing and accessories to the world as well as attracting both international and local buyers. 


There are so many designers in Africa who are seeking a well grounded fashion show to showcase their collections for the whole world to see. We believe, the Africa Fashion Collective will be the mouth piece of Designers in Africa and in the diaspora to speak of their craftsmanship on the cutting table. 

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