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The name Adebayo Jones is synonymous with exquisite fashion. The London-based Fashion Designer, Style Consultant, and Television Show Host, has long been associated with glamour, elegance, opulence, style; he has continued to build an international following for his fashion label over the last three decades. 


During this time, he has dressed celebrities, socialites and some of the most beautiful women in the world, which includes famous singers, European and African royalty, actors, TV and stage stars, beauty Queens, and first Ladies. 

Adebayo Jones - Nigeria/UK

Oheneba Yaw Boamah is a Ghanaian born lover of Arts who graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, College of Art who studied Industrial Arts and majored in Textiles. His love of African Art, aim of empowering men to be well groomed and most importantly with an identity. He saw the need to urge men to look well groomed and dapper and not forgetting their african identity. This led to the birth of ·Abrantie movement• which later turned into a menswear fashion line ..ABRANTIE TheGentleman... 


Abrantie TheGentleman menswear is associated with unique gentleman looks, quality craftsmanship and countless detail exclusivity created by Oheneba Yaw Boamah targeting people with passion for African culture and taste from all over the world. The brand is noted for its fashion forward designs and clean cut as well as its contemporary touch to classic tailoring.  

Abrantie TheGentleman - Ghana
Hall of Peters - Ghana

Peter Akosah Yeboah is a Ghanaian designer who fashions out bespoke gowns and garments with exquisite Kente fabric and accessories. For 17 years Peter has applied his unique craft of creating beautiful female apparel for both the local Ghanaian community and the international market. 

Hall of Peters

HAUZ of Sean is a luxury fashion clothing brand founded in 2015 by Nigerian designer Sean Arinze, a young designer who has always been passionate about fashion and the fusion of African and European cultures. This early exposure to diverse cultures and styles inspired Sean to create a brand that would reflect his own unique background.

The brand’s unique aesthetic is inspired by vibrant colours and bold patterns of traditional African textiles, combined with contemporary design elements of clean lines and minimalism of European design. The brand’s signature fur is handcrafted using a blend of wool, creating a luxurious texture and feel.

HAUZ of Sean designs are known for their bold colours, intricate patterns, and sleek silhouettes, which have garnered international. Overall HAUZ of Sean is a fashion brand that successfully blends African and European influences, creating unique and highly sought-after designs that are both culturally significant and fashion-forward.

Haus of Sean - Nigeria /UK
Hauz of Sean Photo[13538].JPG
Haus of Sean
Unknown - Nigeria

Tinuke Abdulrahim is the founder of Unknown women’s clothing, an independent made in Nigeria brand that was founded with the aim that women could be confident in our beautiful and high quality pieces regardless of labels.  We pride ourselves in the use of quality fabrics crafted into beautiful chic and timeless classics.  All our pieces are carefully handmade in our factory in Abuja.


SoJahSe – Atsede Maryam   SoJahse is the creation of Textile Artist and Designer Atsede Maryam, who is also a teacher and trainer.  Atsede Maryam has more than 25 years’ experience in the dyeing and printing of textiles and the making of high quality clothing.   Born in Jamaica and widely travelled, Atsede’s designs express awareness and the importance of wearing comfortable unique clothing and the healing qualities of colour.


As an inspired artist; who was not institutionally trained and whose initial work begun with the exploration of her rich African-Caribbean roots, led her to the field of natural dyes and the development and refining of a wide variety of technical skills in dyed and printed fabrics and the construction of clothing and sift furnishing.   Atsede has worked in interior design as an embroiderer, designed and led courses, consultant for textile projects, teacher-trainer instructor, work featured on the BBC Clothes Show and BBC World Service, including other social medias. 

Sojanse - Jamaica /UK
Georgie Myrak - Nigeria

Ehiemere Ngozi Georgina  is the creative brain behind Georgie Myrak clothing brand. Her sewing skills where picked while helping out her mother who makes clothes for a living. She went further to polish her skills by taking fashion courses both in her country and abroad.


She is also the CEO/ Director of Creative Success Fashion Acdemy, which is the training arm of the brand. Her passion for fashion and youth empowerment drove her to nurture a foundation which trains talented females for free.


She is a mother of 3 three lovely kids and a wife to a supportive husband.

Georgie Myrak
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